White and Metal Perfume Display Counter Mall Kiosk

perfume kiosk

Are you looking for a perfume kiosk in the mall? Perfume becomes popular among people because it brings an elegant smell. No matter what size you rent in the shopping mall, you can get a perfume kiosk that matches your place.

Perfume kiosk information

This perfume kiosk size is 3m by 2m, a common measurement in the shopping center. It uses white color as the main tone, gold metal frame use as decoration, looks very elegant and upscale. We use MDF to build the perfume kiosk body, finish treatment is glossy baking paint. You can also choose plywood with laminate as the basic material.

perfume boothThis perfume kiosk includes two L display counters. It includes a cashier counter, display counter, brand logo sign, etc. You can also add new ideas to let perfume kiosks match your business.

Cashier counter

The cashier counter is set near one entrance. In the front are two cabinets to show more items. The metal frame supports the brand sign so that clients can see you from distance.

Display counter

The display counter is very important for perfume kiosks. It is an L shape display counter. The top has a metal display shelf to highlight perfumes with boxes. On the counter desk,  two stairs of layers to show arranged neatly perfumes, and each perfume is lit, very eye-catching. The body has a luminous brand name.

Perfume counterNear the counter has a total of 4 perfume display pedestals. They are at different levels, increasing the sense of hierarchy. It has a golden metal frame and an under-counter light to increase brightness.

Sample display counter

The sample display counter is very important for perfume kiosks. Clients can try and smell the perfumes and choose one they like. Another entrance has a taller display counter, you can place popular perfumes here as samples. his can increase the goodwill of customers.

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