High-end perfume kiosk design retail display mall booth

The perfume is a kind of high-end product. Both men and women like perfumes, so perfumes have always had a place in the shopping mall center. Usually, the perfume sells on the first floor of the shopping mall. A beautiful and high-end perfume kiosk is very important for you to attract the customer.

If you want to start a perfume kiosk business in the shopping mall, a professional customize kiosk company can help you to do it. Our company is the best choice for you. Here let us show you a high-end perfume kiosk design.



When we go shopping in the shopping mall, we can see many high-end products on the first floor, perfume is one of them. This is a perfume kiosk with the size of about 3x3m ( customize size ).

On the four corners is the glass display stands. And another display area is the countertop. On the perfume kiosk design, we can add your brand logo for the customer better to know your product.



Because each customer has their own idea and their requirement also different. Then we suggest to make a customize 3d perfume kiosk design to fit all your needs. This is the first step and the most important step.

We should make more attention to the perfume kiosk design and the material. A customize 3d perfume kiosk design can for you to see the effect with your size and your brand logo. This way is better to know what you will get from us and how the kiosk looks.



We are located in Shenzhen, China. And we usually ship the kiosk by sea to all over the world. You can send the nearest destination port from your location to us. Then we can check the shipping cost and shipping time for your reference. Meanwhile, we can provide door to door shipping service.

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