Wood finishing mattress shop furniture display shelves for mattress sale

One of my customers who comes from Australia and asked us to design a new nail bar kiosk for his new business in the shopping mall. In fact, he have done so many years for his mattress business in different cities in Australia. Below is an example of our mattress shop design.

This main mattress shop furniture is display shelf. Almost furniture are display shelves against walls and around the store. The most important thing is the characteristic of the mattress. It should display as hang up on the furniture directly. Or put it on the wood beds directly. That’s why we put this kind of display shelves in it.

Except it, in order to show mattress well, we install 4 rows of spotlights upon wood display shelves–to well lit. Next to the reception desk, there is a small stand to show pillows. When customers wait for the check, they will notice it and maybe buy pillows, as well. In order to make the front desk more bright, install three lamps upon it. Meanwhile, to match the whole style, do the cash register counter as wood finishing.  It matches the whole shop well.

Sometimes, we prefer to do flooring as tile or marble. However, sometimes, we do wood flooring to match the whole style of the shop. Like this shop, we prefer to use wood flooring to match it.

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