Retail store custom hair salon interior shop design cosmetic fixture

Why the hairdressing industry is so not?

Because everyone is fond of beautiful things. and hairdressing can enhance a person’s temperament image.

And make you more confident, bloom our own unique beauty and show the best side of a person.

And in the usual work and life, hairdressing is indispensable, but also reflects a respect for others.

At the same time, it is especially important on many special occasions, such as attending various banquet parties, weddings. And various fashion conferences. Looking at the now very popular film and television industry, the entertainment industry is inseparable from the magic hand of the hairdresser.

Therefore, the current state of the hairdressing industry is so hot. The rapid development of the hairdressing industry has also attracted countless friends who love hairdressing and want to show their ambitions in the hairdressing industry. More and more people want to join this industry. here share one of our newest design of hairdressing shop to you :


Basic information of this hair salon interior shop design :

Shop size: around 1292 sq ft.

Logo: customer offered with PDF or AI files.

Color: White & black and accept custom colors as you request.

Accessories: 3d shop logo, led ad box, wires, sockets, and same locks and so on.



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