Wireless Retail Kiosk for mobile phone retail kiosk

With the development of IT industry, each mobile phone has exceeded 2000 US dollar . We’ll buy a very nice case for our phones , and the kind of phone case  is emerge in endlessly . where we can bought a high quality phone , maybe you will go to shopping mall and exclusive shop , yes, i  same me .

When you in a phone shop ,Maybe you will be deeply attracted by high quality  display showcase and decoration .

At the same time ,  Many people need the service of mobile phone repair . more and more repair kiosks is popular .


 Create 3D design for your kiosk or shop ; the food kiosk design is free .

 On behalf of your company to talk to mall regarding the project .

 Build customize food kiosk as per your drawing ;

 Send food kiosk to your mall or shop;

 Assemble the food kiosk ;

 After sale service  .

Please contact me to get more design about cell phone retail kiosk .

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