This is a mobile phone accessory kiosk design, the size is 15*10 feet. It is used to sell mobile phone accessories. We all know that the mobile phone industry is developing rapidly, so by the way, mobile phone accessories are also emerging. When you want to sell mobile phone accessories, mobile kiosks are a good choice. We are a professional customized company that has been exporting to the United States, Australia, Britain, Canada, and other countries for 13 years. Our company have extensive experience in this industry. We can customize the color of the mobile phone kiosk and the size of the mobile phone kiosk, or other needs. You can tell us your needs, and we can customize it according to your needs.

Phone Accessories Display Showcase


The whole design is light blue and yellow, which makes the whole design more technical. A most important element in the design of mobile kiosk is the display area. For a retail kiosk, the mobile accessory kiosk needs to be displayed as much as possible, as well as a lot of storage space. This is convenient for sellers to store things, and buyers can clearly know the style of the phone case.

All edges of the kiosk of the mobile phone are illuminated with yellow LED lights, and then matched with the blue cabinet. Inside the pavilion, we placed a small display cabinet. In this way, another part of the storage display cell phone. The cashier of the mobile kiosk can also display valuables, such as mobile phones, computers and so on. Below the cash register is a light box, a shopping mall kiosk, the light box is very important. Good-looking light boxes can attract customers’ attention. So as to increase their sales and gain profits. If you need a mobile kiosk, you can take this one as a reference.



You can see there have a floor, we will install the electric line in the wood floor. The single stand can connect the wire with the floor. Phone accessories kiosk can work successfully.


  • Basic Material, MDF
  • Surface: Baking paint
  • Logo: 3d Acrylic Logo
  • Including: the stainless steel baseboard, the light box painting, light strip, tempered glass.


How to Design?

We have professional design team, can customize the phone accessories according your size and your requirements. We can customize the kiosk with your favorite color, and style. Our designer will design new one phone booth combine your needs and the designer’s idea.  You will see the whole new design with your idea, and logo. After you satisfy the 3d design, you can submit the 3d design and construction drawings to the mall for approval.

After the mall agree these, we will produce the phone kiosk according the 3d design and construction drawings.

Production Process

First of all, our workers will prepare and cut materials according to the size of the construction drawings. They use these boards to assemble into a wooden cabinet. In each wooden cabinet we will reserve the location of sockets and wires. After the wooden cabinet, the wooden cabinet is polished immediately. The purpose of polishing is to make the whole wooden cabinet body smoother, so as to make the result better. The second is that 4 layers of white primer, because the primers will make the baking painting easily. Before making the top coat, the customer needs to select the desired color on the Pantone color card. In this way, our workers will perform the color adjustment. Final  step is to install sockets, logos, light strips, light boxes and other accessories.

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