We all know that makeup and skin care account for a large proportion of our lives. Especially in the lives of modern girls, almost everyone has cosmetics. Not only cosmetics, but also skin care products. So you can see many cosmetic shops in the mall. So if you want to open a cosmetics store in a mall, what should you pay attention to?

How to Open the cosmetic store?

Firstly, you need to find a good location in the mall. We all know that the good address will obtain the huge people flow and increase more huge profit.

Second, Decorate the cosmetic store and make the whole store more bright and attractive.  So it means that the 3d design is important for the whole shop. Next, i will introduce the cosmetic 3d design to you. And will make you more understand for the shop.

Cosmetic Store Design

A store design is more important for the whole store. We all know that the cosmetic store include many factors like the light, layout, display stand and showcase, the color theme.

Beside these, we also need to consider the logo place, light box place. We need to use the good place to advertise and make people know it clearly.

We have a professional design team and can design new shop for you.  You just tell me all of your ideas for the shop, we can discuss together, and work out solid plan for you.

Color  Theme

You can see the whole color is pink and white and some wooden color. These kind color will attract more girls, because of the color is very mild.You can see the color of the logo is pink color and can match the shop display counter color. The middle is white color with some wooden color, and the wall and outside is white and pink.


The shop include the logo, display stands, light box, and the cash desk. The front of the shop install the logo, and there are two sides to display the logo. The wall set the wall display cabinets.  We can put the cash register desk near by the wall display stand. The middle place put the display stands and the makeup tables. Near by the outside, there are a square pillar. The square pillar can display the skin care product. There are some light boxes on the pillar, can display the product to people.

Display Stand

The display stand include several types. One style is wall display stand. You can see there are five display stands with light strips. The top of the display stands has the light box, the bottom of the display stand is drawers to storage the goods. The middle of the wall install the logo and there are storage place on the bottom.

Middle part put the white display stands. It will be lower than the wall display stands. There are several types, one can display the cosmetic , you also can try it at the same time. Another type can display skin care product. There are will be display racks and display tables.

The pillar also have display shelves, you can display some hot selling products on the shelves. Each layers will install the light strip to display products.

Unique Display Limited

We have done more than 15 years in the industry, and have produced many shop fixture and shops to different countries like The USA, UK, CA, AUS and some European countries. We have done many kinds of the mall kiosks and the shop fixtures according to the needs from customers.

How to order new one from us?

  • Firstly, we will do the 3d design for your shop or kiosk. The 3d design will display all of your needs.
  • Second, arrange the 50% deposit for production
  • Third, production and quality test
  • Forth, take the videos and photos
  • Fifth, please arrange the rest payment before packed and shipping
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