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Every people put on makeup in daily life, as they want a good appearance. The decoration of a cosmetic become very important, as people leave an impression on decoration first, then enter into the store to buy something. Today, I want to inform you of a very upscale cosmetic shop furniture design. It’s good to use in high-end cosmetic shops.

Description of cosmetic shop

cosmetic shop design

Color decoration:

As we can see from the outside, the main tone of the cosmetic shop is shiny black. There is a silver mirror with a light frame. The front top has a big stainless steel logo, which matches the shop theme very much. When we enter the cosmetic shop, the furniture is dark in color with a gold frame. It improves the store level and highlights the high-end products. Which enhances the overall value of the product and meets consumers’ psychological expectations.

Layout introduction

There are wall display shelves inside the room, the bottom has lock drawers to restore items. And the center has a display counter for samples. Another sidewall has metal shelves and black wood shelves to place more products and decorates. The makeup experience area is very important because consumers can experience the effects of skincare products and receive makeup services, which will make it easier to get orders.

Cosmetic shop furniture design and ideas

Reception counter description

make up store furniture

The reception counter attracts me so much as it set in the entrance. We use the translucent stone to make it and hidden gold color to make it bright. Its shape is also very unique, it is superimposed by 3 layers of display cabinets. Many shop owner likes this reception desk. If you are one of them, please don’t miss it.

Wall shelves introduction

There are 3 different kinds of wall shelves in the cosmetic shop. One is a metal shelf at the entrance, other style is an open cabinet behind the reception desk. The other style is a display shelf with drawers at the bottom and a logo at the top. We can also add new ideas to make it more attractive and useful.

cosmetic cabinet

Center display counter design idea

There is two display counter in the middle area, it has a golden frame. It is grey in color with advertising posters. We can put skincare products and promote items, as people easy to notice and take away easily.

Next to the two display counter is an open cabinet stand. There are many small cabinets with light to show cosmetics individually. This is a good place to show good looking and high value products. I also view it as a small room divider.

Inside the room is a makeup counter with eye shadow and lipsticks. Clients can sit down and enjoy cosmetics services. Under the counter table is display shelves, we can place small product here for better use.

Material show:

The main material to make the cosmetic shop furniture is MDF with baking paint. The frame is metal or stainless steel in golden color. Other materials include spotlight, ceiling light, light lamp, etc. We make a 3D stainless steel logo, which matches the shop theme well.

More design pictures show:

The 3D design shows the real looks of cosmetic shop design. It shows how the cosmetic shop looks like finally.

Cosmetic Shop Furniture make up counter Cosmetic Shop Furniture

Produce information:

We should first make a construction drawing for confirmation. Then we produce each counter and shelf according to the drawing. The progress photos will send to you, so you can control the product directly. The production time needs about 35 working days for a 40sqft cosmetic shop furniture.

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