Cosmetic Shop Design Yellow and White Makeup Counter for Sale

makeup shop design

Many people go to cosmetics stores every month because they want to buy skincare products and cosmetics. We can open a cosmetics shop as a sideline. I believe that you will get huge profits. It’s a good idea to join a brand. Because the brand will provide us with sources of supply, staff training, and business plans. Relatively speaking, business is easier. Today, I want to share a luxury cosmetic shop design with you.

Nice cosmetic shop furniture

Cosmetic shop furniture includes center display counter, wall display shelf, cashier counter, reception desk, experience area, etc. However, we can begin with a small shop and choose suitable furniture matches. We should also add the brand logo on the display counter and shop front to inform people.

cosmetic shop furniture

Layout introduction

We can see there is two makeup experience workbench inside the room. People can receive makeup services here, and they can also find out if cosmetics are suitable for them. There are high wall display shelves on both sides, we can place products here for sale. Each shelf can have a light for decoration.

The inner room has a reception desk with a laptop. The reception desk is an I shape with a curved counter body. It increases a creative feeling for the cosmetic shop. The middle back wall is a large brand logo. People from outside are able to view it directly.

There is a center display table at the entrance, we can place hot sale products and promoting items here. Clients are easy to reach the items and they will buy them when entering into and leave the shop.

cosmetic shop decoration

Color decoration

The main color is white and yellow color. The countertop is yellow in color and the fame base is golden stainless steel. We can use the orange translucent stone to make the kiosk table. It looks very attractive and creates a warm atmosphere.

Size: 5m*3m

Location: Shopping center or street shop

Material: MDF with baking paint

Other materials: Translucent stone with light, golden metal frame

How to make the cosmetic shop?

Design part

When renting the shop, we can think about the decoration and furniture design carefully. Then find a designer to help you make the 3D design to show the decoration. It usually takes about 3-5 days to get the first drawing, and we can check the decoration, furniture layout, etc. When there is somewhere not good enough, we can modify it better. The next step is to confirm the cosmetic shop design and submit it to get approval. The most important thing in the design part is to let the designer know your requirements well. The designer will create a design model and make it look better and convenient to use.

Production part

Workers produce cosmetic shop furniture according to the design. They will build the wood bodies first and make surface treatments. We can see the production progress in the photo and videos. The final step is assembling the light and wires into the furniture. So we can use it directly when receiving goods. Produce usually needs 25-28 workdays.

cosmetic shop

How to pack and use the cosmetic counter?

When we goods finish, we should test it to make sure everything works right. The next step is to pack it well for delivery.

Packing details

We should first separate the counters for better delivery. We use bubble foam to cover the counter for protection. The outside uses a wood box, so all the furniture can ship in one container and save space. And also write the counter number on the box according to the drawing. So we can find the corresponding counter according to the number.

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