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Do you like perfume? Almost everyone uses perfume, especially during business meetings and with dating lovers. Because perfume makes people smell good and leave a good impression. It’s a good idea to open a perfume shop and earn money. Every shop owner should choose a suitable perfume display cabinet. Perfume store furniture showcase perfumes in a good way. Here is a customized perfume store design sharing with you.

Useful Perfume store furniture

Perfume store furniture includes perfume counter, wall display stand, high display shelf, reception counter. They have different designs and colors, creating a unique atmosphere for the shop and making people unforgettable.

Color decoration

As we can see in the picture, the main tone is golden, white, and hollow black decoration. They create a very luxurious effect of the perfume store. We can also add a white lamp to highlight the products. Please don’t ignore it when decorating the perfume shop.

Layout description

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The overall layout of the store is a rectangular shape. There is a glass display counter on both sides, which can showcase hot sale perfumes. As it’s easy for people to see and purchase, and it’s even the first perfume display cabinets that people saw. Behind it is a high wall display shelf with light. We can put high value and the same type of perfume on each layer. The backside is a decoration wall facing the entrance door. There is a built-in wall cabinet on each side of it to increase the showcase area. We can also add lock drawers for storage and hang posters on the wall for advertising.

Logo introduction

A brand logo is a very important part of a retail shop. As it’s a symbol of the company and can make people know our business better. Commonly used logos include 3D luminous logo, hollow luminous logo, neon logo, stainless steel logo, wooden logo, lightbox logo, etc. This perfume store has a lightbox logo along with posters. Most people add a logo on each display cabinet. Which style do you like?

Cosmetic store

Perfume display cabinet material

Main material: MDF

Surface material: Baking paint, tile, and wood veneer finish

Decoration: Stickers, hollow golden decoration, gourd-shaped crafts

Showcase material: 8mm tempered glass

Other materials: Stainless steel, light lamp, lightbox painting, golden metal frame, etc.

How to get the perfume display cabinet?

First, rent a perfume shop to start a business. A good location helps a lot for business also determines the perfume furniture.

Second, discuss the decoration details. We should discuss the decoration ideas with partners and even the landlord. Then, find a professional manufacturer to make it. A good supplier can provide high-quality products and can use them for a long time.

Third, make a 3D design drawing with information. The 3D design is necessary for a customized perfume shop, as it shows how it looks like. So, we have to tell them the requirements and make a deal. The design takes about 3-7 business days. We can even make some changes to make it perfect.

Fourth, produce the perfume display cabinet. Production according to the 3D design drawing. So we have to make sure the drawing is correct. Progress is the wood body, surface decoration, installation cables, assembly of the light, and cabinet door. Produce time is about 28 workdays, depends on the quantity and carft.

Finally, test the perfume display counter and ship it. When the perfume display counter finish, we have to connect wires and text it. We will take photos to prove it works right and show the real looks. Then clean the kiosk and package for delivery.

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