White & Stainless Steel Cosmetic Store Wall Cabinet to New York

beauty shelfThere is a nice cosmetic store wall cabinet sharing with you. It is good to use in the beauty shop, cosmetic store, hair salon shop, eyebrow threading shop, etc. You can also install these wall shelves in the bedroom or living room to restore more items.

Cosmetic Wall Shelf Design

This wall display shelf size is 1.8m wide, 2m tall, and 40cm deep. You can also change the size to fit the area. The main color is a white color with light light lamp. The inside wall is golden in color, looks elegant, and gives people a warm feeling.

beauty salon stationIntroduction of the cosmetic shelf

This cosmetic shelf has 3 separate display shelves in total. We can place different categories of products here. For example, moisturizing masks, body lotions, and conditioners can be displayed separately. It is helpful for employees to organize goods, and it is also convenient for customers to find corresponding products.

Each shelf has a light lamp to increase brightness while the back wall is cream color stickers, very soft and highlight the cosmetics. We can see there is a black brand logo at the top, which makes people remember your shop and service. Moreover, you can also add some posters here to advertise new invention items.

The bottom area has lock cabinets with golden handles. We use customize stainless steel handles, which match the whole wall cabinets theme. Inside the cabinets has a shelf in the middle, which is used to increase storage capacity.

Real produce photos show

You can see how the cosmetic kiosk looks like from the real product photos. We will test every part before sending it to you and also send photos and videos for clients’ confirmation. No matter what size, style, the material of wall shelf you want, our Unique kiosk will meet your demands.

wall shelf wall shelf

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