Modern cosmetic shop design glass display showcase

The reason for the cosmetics industry’s longevity may be that more and more people care about their looks. Even though a lot of cosmetics stores open every year, still many people want to start this kind of business. If you have an idea to open a cosmetic store, hope you can get some ideas from our website.

Our company making a lot of commercial furniture every year. The mall kiosk, store furniture, display showcase are all that we are good at. Now let us show you a modern cosmetic store design.



For the design of a cosmetic shop, actually not need a fancy design. The main aim is to display the cosmetic product to the customer and provide a good shopping environment. In the meantime, the store display showcase design needs to be in line with brand characteristics.

Before we make the cosmetic shop design for you, it is better for you to send us your brand logo. Then we can design the store furniture to match your brand logo. You can get back to us your favorite shop style, we can take it for reference and make the design like that.


For the layout of a cosmetic shop, we usually divide it into 4 areas. They are the display area, cashier area, makeup area and customer seating area. 80% of the shop is the display area. You can see on the 3D design of this cosmetic shop has many hexagonal glass display stands, a very unique design.

In the middle of the cosmetic store is a C shape cashier counter with the logo on the front. Under the stainless steel toe kick install the white led strip light looks really attractive. Next to the cashier counter, it has a mirror station can for the customer to try your product here.

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