High-end cosmetic store furniture luxury beauty shop design

Now cosmetics shops are full of streets and alleys, the competition is increasingly fierce. Many people in order to better show their brand, strive for maximum profits, in the shop decoration design link is also devoting his mind. Each distinctive store design constitutes the brand’s own store style. The following article shares the “How to decorate a cosmetics store? ” Welcome to read.



The style of this cosmetic store is high-end and modern. It matches the black color and wooden color with warm white led strip lights. The decoration color of cosmetics stores should be coordinated with the overall design style of the interior.

Meanwhile, the texture of different materials should be used to reflect different color effects when choosing decoration materials. It is better to use the instinctive quality of material as far as possible to show indoor color, make it more natural, color more style, more can attract customer. Next, let me briefly introduce the overall layout of the store.


When customers walk into the cosmetics shop, they can see a dazzling array of products. On the middle of the cosmetic store it has two display stands, this is the place customers will notice as soon as they come in. So for this area, you can display some hot sale products here.

On the left side of the cosmetic store is the wall display cabinet with shelves, and logo on the top. In the end of the cosmetic shop, they are 4 mirror stations for makeup. The customer can try the cosmetic here so that increase the odds of a deal. On the right side of the cosmetic store is a wall display showcase and a checkout counter. We can put a big screen in the store, which plays some knowledge about makeup.Or put up some posters to attract more customers.

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