The first problem that can’t be bypassed when opening a store offline is location selection. This is true for street shops and shopping malls. For physical businesses, a good location is the guarantee of passenger flow.

Remove the objective indicators such as area demand, shop rent, shop space conditions and so on. The first consideration for the site selection itself is good visibility and accessibility. It is easier to be seen by customers, and at the same time easy to reach.

After the site selection is determined, the next problem faced is the decoration of the shop and the type and placement of furniture throughout the shop.

About the Shop fixture Display Stand

Display Stand:

The display stand will have four flyers to display the cosmetic product. Each layers of the display stand will have the led light strip. It will make the display showcase more bright and unique. The sides of the display stand will have the light box or poster to advertise the display stand and will make the whole display stand more unique. The bottom of the display stand have the drawers to store the goods.

Wall Display Stand:

The wall display stand will have the 6 layers to display the make up product. The top of the wall display stand will have a logo, you can put your logo on the top of the display stand. For each layer, it has a light trip on the layer bottom. there are also the cabinet to store the products.

Display table:

The display table just can display the cosmetic product on the top. Below of the display stand, we will add the cabinet and drawers to store the goods.

Reception Counter:

The reception counter is mirror surface and make the whole display stand will make the kiosk more bright and unique. There are 3 service places and can service 3 customers at same time.

Wall Cabinet:

You can see there are some wall display cases on the wall, and will make the whole display showcase more bright and unique. In general, the wall cabinet will be put behind the reception desk.


The main material we use the MDF as  basic material. The surface, we will use the MDF as baking surface. For the surface color, we will do the white, black and gray color for you.

Production Process

We will do the wooden cabinet firstly. The wooden cabinet include the cutting the material, binding and assembling. So before the wooden cabinet, we need to confirm the details on the drawings.

Then we need to polish the surface of the wooden cabinet. After that we need to make the primers and baking paint. Final step is installation.


Unique Display Limited

The Unique Display Limited focus on customizing the shop fixture according to your requirements. If you want to design new store for your business, we will help you work our new one for you. You just tell me all of your needs, size, color, layout and etc. We will display all of your needs on the 3d design.

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