Modern style cosmetic store interior design retail shop display showcase

Modern women pay more and more attention to their own image, almost every day to make up. Some women are not so proficient in makeup, then we can seize this opportunity to open a makeup shop.

A good professional shop is not only good at environmental design, but also reflects artistic beauty in commodity display. Product display should conform to the brand characteristics, make full use of the store space, reflect the brand style, image.



The display area of a cosmetic store is very important. When we design for the cosmetic shop, we need to make the display showcase design to match a whole shop. Meanwhile, the design of the cosmetic store display showcase needs to be simple and elegant. When the customer walks into your shop, they can see and choose the product they want easily.

The cashier counter of the cosmetic shop is a white color counter, simple design. The size is about 3m long and attached to the wall. About the size of the cashier counter and the display showcase all can customize as your need. Please send the shop size to us then we can arrange the design to see what size can fit.


Our design team can make a professional cosmetic store design for you. We will make a new 3D shop model with your shop size and make the display furniture and shop interior design.

You can view the effect from different angles in 3D. Find a professional design team to make a customize cosmetic shop design is the first step to start a cosmetic shop.

For a customized 3D cosmetic store design will charge a design deposit from 500USD to 1000USD. Our designer will make the shop design exactly what you want and fit all your requirement.

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