Luxurious cosmetic shop design retail store display stand

The cosmetic product is one of the hot sale products of women. If you want your cosmetic shop successful and bring many customers, the cosmetic store design is the most important.

Cosmetics shop decoration is generally based on modern, simple and fashion. The door signs must be eye-catching, decoration materials as far as possible to choose good, to create a high-end feeling for customers.


1. The shop decoration should conform to the consumption level.

According to their customer’s economic situation to decorate is the more important thing to consider. If the economic conditions of customers around the store are not too good, the shop decoration doesn’t need too luxurious design.


2. The decoration tone is in harmony with the environment.

We should coordinate the decoration color of cosmetics stores with the overall design style of the interior. For example, the display furniture of this cosmetic store matches well with the whole shop design.

Use marble color, white color and wooden color with warm white led strip light. On the top of the display stand, we can add the acrylic logo to write the product name then customers can see what they are.

3. Lighting design

The light of cosmetic shop had better choose a bright lamp. We can use the white lamp to give priority to, undertake appropriate adornment according to consumer group again.

If the cosmetics store is aimed at young women, add some pink decorations. For middle-aged women, add light purple. You can also choose according to the function of cosmetics. If it is for skin care cosmetics, choose light yellow and white lighting.



Our company can provide a professional cosmetic shop design service for you. Our design team will make a new 3D cosmetic store design exactly what you want. Then you can see the effect of the cosmetic store and if need any changes, we can do it for you.

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