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Perfume kiosk is popular in the shopping mall to start a business. The perfume kiosk can use to show perfumes, cosmetics, and other products. Choosing a unique perfume kiosk is helpful to start a business. It not only highlights your brand but also makes your perfume shop look better.

3D design perfume kiosk

This perfume kiosk size is 4m by 3m, includes a display counter, storage cabinet, cashier counter, rest area, and ads. The main material is marble stone, tempered glass, gold metal frame, solid wood decoration, etc. We can also add lighting and stainless steel to decorate the perfume kiosk.

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We can see the cashier counter on one side, which can serve clients and pay bills. The corner has stood with brand name or logo. It’s a popular style in Saudi Arabia and Dubai. Behind the logo, the stand has a stairs display counter, which can sort out and show different kinds of perfumes.

There are glass display counters and cabinets on both sides. They have a light strip at the top to make the perfumes outstanding. While under the counter has draws and cabinets to put more products.

Near the wall has chairs and tables, clients can sit down and learn more about your products and company culture. We can see the wall is made up of the individual square display. They have different levels and make the perfumes look special with green grass decoration.

How to install in the mall

perfume stand perfume cabinet

The perfume kiosk is built in separate counters and pre-assembly in our workshop. The owner can view the real looks in advance. When you pick up them and deliver them to the booth, just put them in the correct location and connect wires. And you can open a perfume shop and earn money. Our designer and salesperson can help you complete this.

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