High-End Cosmetic Kiosk Perfum Glass Showcase in the Mall

perfume kiosk

The perfume kiosk is a good place to show and sell perfumes. There are many different kinds of perfume kiosks because everyone likes unique mall kiosks to start a business. As it can also highlight their shop theme and express company culture to the public. A brand image help improves business a lot. Here is an upscale perfume kiosk sharing with you.

Perfume kiosk layout

This perfume kiosk has a glass display showcase surrounding the location. There is a 4 L shape counter at 4 corners. Which can increase the perfume kiosk showcase area. The bottom has brown wood decoration, which increases the effect of perfume kiosk feeling. While there is a rectangle display cabinet in the middle, and the surface has a brand name to remind people. One side has a tall stand-in to show the brand name. The cashier counter here is mainly for checking bills.

perfume cabinetColor information

The main color of the perfume kiosk is black with a gold metal frame at the top, which gives people a professional feeling. The kiosk top also uses white or black colors, which can show perfumes in a good way. We can add lighting in the glass showcases, kicking, and tall stands.


This perfume kiosk has flooring, which can hide wires. It has to match the perfume shop theme. Flooring material can use PVC, wood, and tile, depending on your needs.

perfume boothMaterial reference

Main material: We use  MDF to build the perfume kiosk. Plywood can also use as basic material.

Surface material: The surface material can use baking paint, wood veneer, black laminate, etc.

Other materials: Stainless steel brand logo, white light strip. tempered glass and lightbox painting.

If you have any new ideas, we can also add them to the perfume kiosk. And you can get useful and beautiful perfume kiosk from us.

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