Attractive and Useful Perfume Kiosk design

perfume kioskThe perfume kiosk is popular in the shopping center, it’s a good location to display and sort out perfumes for sale. A unique perfume kiosk helps a lot for business and can bring you many clients. Today, I want to share a useful perfume kiosk with you.

Nice design perfume kiosk

This perfume kiosk size is 3m by 2m, which is good to start the first business. You can also use it to enhance your brand image. When adding new elements to the perfume kiosk, you can get a perfect and wonderful design.

perfume showcaseIntroduction of the perfume kiosk

This perfume kiosk has glass display counters that cover the lease line, which can show more items to the clients. We can see 3 large glass cabinets with glass shelving. The four corners are trapezoidal counters, which gives the counter a sense of design and increases the display area. Guests can also be attracted by your kiosk at a glance. Inside the cabinets has the spotlight on the wall to increase a mysterious feeling.

Another side is the entrance, you can put up a poster here. The Cahier counter is also set here to check bills. There is a brand signage board on the top so that clients can view you well.

perfume display

Material information

We mainly use Plywood to build this kiosk body, and the surface material is high glossy baking paint. It looks high-end and durable to use.

The tempered glass shelving and wall make the perfumes clear to see and can also protect goods well. Stainless steel is to build the kicking. You also leave space to attach the brand name and logo. We can also customize it based on your idea and material requirements.

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