Perfume plays an excellent condiment in our dull life, which can improve our material life and increase people’s sense of experience and happiness. When it comes to perfumes, a good display case is crucial. Display cases can revolve perfumes of the highest value and radiate a charming charm to people. If you want to start a perfume business, you can’t go wrong with this one.


Material: MDF with baking paint, ultra clear glass

Color: white and black, customized

Size: 3*2m

Service: 3d design, OEM, ODM

Style: industrial, creative

Production time: 22-25 workdays

Payment: T/T, Western Union, Paypal


For most perfume kiosk, their main tone in black and white color is a good choice. The kiosk will look more high end and beautiful. These kiosks use these two classical colors. It has a good appearance.

It consists of several different style showcases. There are two displays of stepped stands. Every perfume is in order in the right place. It looks very clean and layers. The stand doesn’t cover the glass. Customers can look and check their preferred merchandise closely.

On its right side, the bottom of the glass cabinet finishes with the sunshine stone case. It can be bright from the inside and look designed. And the glass uses ultra clear glass. Its permeation rate reaches 95%, which can greatly show the charm and features of your merchandise.

There is a tall board. We can add your logo or signature to the top. It looks more professional and catchy. Customers can have a deep impression of your brand.


The perfume kiosk uses baking paint. The surface is very smooth and shiny, like the piano lacquer. It has a better appearance. We have done lots of baking paint perfume kiosk. There is a real case for your reference.

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