High-end quality gold stainless steel perfume kiosk design

Why do so many people like perfume? Actually, use perfume, as to make up. The pursuit of beauty is human nature, as early as thousands of years ago, people have learned to use the fragrance of spices to realize their pursuit of beauty. Develop to today, perfume has already become a kind of common daily necessities in contemporary life.

If you have an idea want to start a perfume business but don’t know how to start. Opening a perfume kiosk in the shopping mall to start your own business is not a bad idea for you. Here we want to share with you a gold stainless steel perfume kiosk design. Hope it can help you to get some ideas.



This is a perfume kiosk that uses gold stainless steel and black color. On the front of the perfume kiosk has the logo and then the customer can know your brand.

The display area of the perfume kiosk is the glass cover with led strip light. The led strip light for the glass showcase can let your product look more attractive. Meanwhile, it can let the customer see your perfume clearly.



In fact, we will install a whole perfume kiosk in our factory.

Our worker will install the glass, the led strip light, the wires and sockets, and then we will send the pictures and videos of the finished kiosk.

Then we will pack a whole perfume kiosk foam inside and a wooden box outside. A whole perfume kiosk will pack divided into a few parts.

When the customer receives the perfume kiosk, just needs to open all the wooden packages. And then put them together into a whole part.

Finally, connect the male and female connector to your shopping mall power supply then the perfume kiosk will work.


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