Popular White Stone Surface Perfume Kiosk for Sale

perfume kiosk

Everyone likes perfumes because it gives an elegant smelling and can also give people a charming feeling. If you plan to sell perfumes, it’s very important to purchase a luxury perfume kiosk. That can highlight your shop and makes perfumes outstanding. This white stone surface perfume kiosk-style helps your business, don’t miss it.

Perfume kiosk design

This perfume kiosk has a wave surface decoration, we can hide white light lamps here so that clients can view it at the first sight. The perfume kiosk includes a glass display counter, storage cabinets, brand signage, and cashier counter.

perfume boothMaterial information

Main material: Plywood or MDF

Surface material: Stone counter, laminate veneer, or Baking paint

Other materials: Tempered glass, stainless steel, light lamp, acrylic letters, etc.

We can also use other materials to get the perfect effect. If the mall manager has material requirements, we can also use it to build a perfume kiosk.

Introduction of perfume kiosk

We can see there are stairs shape counters on both sides, it’s good to place popular perfumes and samples here. There are many glass showcases, individual cases, each has a lighting lamp to highlight the perfumes. It can not only protect goods but also show directly to the clients.

The cashier counter has 3D luminous sign on the kiosk body. It is near the glass showcase, where is convenient for checking bills. Flooring light surrounds the perfume kiosk, which attracts people from far away.

Real perfume kiosk effect

We can see the real effects in the photos. Installation work is very easy that can complete by two people. If you need any help in assembly, just let us know. You are welcome to visit our factory and get your perfume kiosk for business.

perfume case perfume cabinet

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