Black Marble Stone Perfume Kiosk in the Mall

perfume kiosk

Everyone has perfume in their bag, perfumes play a big role in most occasions, such as appointments, parties, meetings, leisure, etc. People use different perfumes to make them leave a deep impression. I am sure that it’s a good idea to open a perfume kiosk in the mall. Consumers buy perfumes conveniently, and you can also earn money, it’s a win-win business. Here is an upscale perfume kiosk sharing with you.

Information of perfume kiosk

This perfume kiosk size is 4m by 2m, includes a perfume display showcase area, sitting area, and storage area. We can also leave space to attach brand signage. Menu and posters are also added to the kiosk if in need. Designers will leave space and show in a 3D design, so you can see the real looks in advance.

perfume showcaseFront view

We can see the front has large golden brand signage in the middle with a black stone background. The bottom area has white tile decoration, that looks very luxurious and upscale. Near it is the cashier counter with a POS system on it. There are many small squared bases on the top, where can better show perfumes where. Behind it is lock cabinets that contain more perfumes for sale.

Side view

We can see the side has chairs, allowing clients to sit down and learn more about perfumes. The gold counter highlights the kiosk and makes the perfume kiosk looks better.

perfume kioskBack view

The backside has a tall stand that shows the brand name in gold color, clients can view and understand you well. There are many glass showcases on the counter table, that show more perfume in a good way. To gain a wonderful effect, we recommend adding a light lamp here.


Mos of clients requires flooring, as it gives people a professional feeling. This perfume kiosk uses black concrete flooring with a golden edge.

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