High-End Perfume Display Kiosk Perfume Booth for Sale

perefume kioskOur designer has created many beautiful and special perfume kiosks, they are fit different locations and sizes. Each perfume kiosk is highly matched the brand theme. Today, I want to share a nice perfume kiosk with you.

Information of perfume display kiosk

As we can see in the perfume kiosk design, it includes a glass display showcase, storage cabinet, signage stand. We can put all the perfume counters in a suitable location so that all goods can showcase well. The main material of the perfume kiosk is plywood with a stone finishing. As you want a high-end effect, we recommend using stone to the surface. It has a gold edge, that makes the perfume kiosk looks better.

perfume showcaseLayout information

Front area

The front area has a glass counter near the entrance, we can add a lighting lamp to highlight the perfumes. Near it is a counter with a tall signage stand. On the counter body also has brand letters here, so that clients can remember you better. We can also see there is a 2 stairs display counter near the table. Behind the counters has cabinets and draws for storage.

perfume booth

Back area

Clients pay cash near the entrance, there are gold brand letters at the side so that clients can view the business well. There are many display counters to set perfumes and samples. The salesperson can introduce them to the consumers, which is convenient for them to make the final decision.


The flooring use stone finishes, that look elegant and high level your perfume shop. We can also use another kind of flooring that fits your perfume store. No matter what color, the style you want, Unique Kiosk helps you build it.

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