White and Gold Metal Perfume Kiosk Cosmetic Display Stand for Sale

perfume kiosk

Perfume kiosk in the shopping mall is a profitable business idea. You can rent a small place to start a business. Perfume kiosk not only to show and sell perfumes but also to show your company image. It’s good to express the brand to the public and gain brand recognition. Here is a nice perfume kiosk with you.

Perfume counter booth

Thi perfume kiosk is in L shape, good to use in the center of the mall, and clients can view you from all directions. No matter how unique space you rent, we can make suitable perfume kiosks. Because our designer can make 3D design drawings based on your needs. You can also add your thoughts to the kiosk.

perfume kioskDetails of perfume kiosk

We can see there are 2 layers of perfume showcase areas. The top has two layers so that you can place more perfumes there. The font has green plants decoration and a brand sign set in the middle to remind people of your business. While inside the counter has glass cabinets, it is good to show high-value perfumes and hot selling products. The bottom area has to lock drawers for inventory.

The return has a cashier counter with a signage flag, looks very unique. Near it is I shape display cabinets with double sides display. That can increase the display area. We can see the side has golden metal frame support. It is not only for decoration but also a high-level shop.

perfume showcaseMaterials & Color

This perfume kiosk mainly uses plywood to build the kiosk body, and the surface material is laminate or mirror golden stainless steel. We can also use MDF with baking paint to make the perfume kiosk. 3D luminous acrylic letters also make the perfume kiosk unique.

The main color of the perfume kiosk is white and golden. You can also use other colors you like. If you don’t decide on colors, we recommend using the one matches brand signage.

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