White Cosmetic Kiosk Stainless Steel Counter for Sale

cosmetic kiosk

A wonderful cosmetic kiosk plays a good role in the cosmetic kiosk business. It’s good to do makeup service, haircutting service, and eyebrow threading service. You can also use it as a beauty exhibition booth. Today, I want to share a unique cosmetic kiosk with you.

Cosmetic kiosk design

The cosmetic kiosk booth includes a reception counter, work counter, display counter, cashier counter, etc. You can also add brand signs, posters, and artificial flowers for decoration. Let’s view more details about this cosmetic kiosk.

cosmetic showcase

cosmetic boothReception counter

The cashier counter is set in front of the cosmetic kiosk. It is made up of different levels of the individual stands. Each has a stainless steel frame and a white body. There s a counter table on the top, clients can consult information here.

Display Cabinet

There are different levels of counter on 3 sides, hot selling products can also set here to attracts clients. Besides, each counter can add a glass showcase to protect the items from being stolen.

makeup counterBrand sign

The brand sign attaches to the wall on 4 sides facing the public. Each brand sign has a stainless edge with a backlit to attract eyes attention. Advertising posters attach to the wall, therefore, clients can understand your business better. A water sink is also set on one side for convenient usage.

Work area

The middle area has a “+” shape room with 4 entrances. A round mirror attaches to the wall to provide beauty service. Storage cabinet and counter set inside the room to restore more goods. There is a stainless steel hollow-out pattern hang under the roof.


This cosmetic kiosk fits 3m by 3m locations. It has flooring with gold stainless steel edges. You can also change the cosmetic kiosk, flooring material, size, and styles, so you will have a wonderful and unique kiosk for your business.

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