Round Shape Luxury Cosmetic Kiosk Body Lotion Showcase

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Luxury cosmetic kiosk plays a big role in recent years, poeple like to buy products in professional and beautiful shops. In this case, you should pay more attention to the cosmetic kiosk decoration.

Round shape cosmetic kiosk design

This cosmetic kiosk includes a display showcase counter, work table, advertising wall, ceiling, and lighting. We can place body lotion products, skincare products, and even shampoos. The diameter is 3m, we can also customize the size according to your location size. The main material is MDF with glossy baking paint.

makeup counterFront counter

According to the design, there is a curved counter in front. It looks as I shape in black color, two ends have 3 layer glass shelves. The frame has white light to highlight the products. Brand signage has a bottom area.

2 layer side counter

The side counter matches the round flooring edge. Both outer and inner sides can place items for sale. The center frame has white light, clients can pick up goods directly from the shelves. The brand sign is also placed at the counter body.

cosmetic shopWorkbench

Workbench is at the backside, it has a display table, drawers chairs for seating. Clients can even try and experience skincare products before buying them. It allows customers to have confidence in your products and can improve customer satisfaction. There are lightbox paintings on the wall, mainly used to advertise your products and service.

Ceiling & flooring

There is a large round ceiling on this cosmetic kiosk. It has white lighting surrounding the kiosk selling for brightness. The floor is also round, with lights on the skirting. The entrance has steps like stairs. The main color is black, which can enhance the high-level sense of cosmetic kiosks.

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