White Color Skincare Products Showcase Cosmetic Kiosk for Sale

Cosmetic kiosk Are you looking for a skincare kiosk for business? People pay attention to their skin condition carefully, because everyone expects to look young. Cosmetic kiosks in malls can place products and promote brand image well. Today, I want to share a nice skincare kiosk with you.

3D design skincare kiosk

As we can see in the design, this cosmetic kiosk includes a reception area, work area, promotion area, and showcase area. The main color is in black, renting a location at size 3m by 3m is a good idea. Flooring is popular in the shopping mall, which high level of your cosmetic shop.

cosmetic booth

perfume boothReception counter

There is an L-shaped wall plate with a backlit sign and a light edge near the entrance. You can set a reception counter here, which can improve people’s reputation.  The cashier register can place behind the middle stand. While adding drawers under the counter, you will have more space for storage.

Experience area

Anther shop corner has an L style high wall with lighting and a luminous logo. They can face the public for advertising. Inside has a full mirror, clients sit in front of the mirror and try your products directly.

makeup counterSkincare bottle model

We can see the third corner has a door frame decoration. There is a large skincare bottle model stand in the front. That makes your display kiosk looks vivid and clients can also remember your products well.

Advertising plate

The rest corner is a large screen. You can connect to the PC and play video advertising here. That attracts people’s attention. When they are in need, they will remind you of at the first time.

The cosmetic kiosk is made according to special needs and complies with the requirements of the mall. So just let us know all your needs before production.

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