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Skincare products and cosmetics become popular in the shopping center. People use skincare products nearly twice a day and hope to keep their skin in good condition. A high-end skincare kiosk in the mall increases sales and promotes the brand. Today, I want to share a nice skincare booth here.

Introduction of skincare booth

The skincare booth has a display counter, storage cabinet, luminous arch decoration. You can use it to show different kinds of skincare products, such as face cream, toner, body lotion, essence, etc.

Cosmetic showcase counter

There are display showcase counters on both sides, you can place skincare products so that clients can try and purchase directly. There is a hollow-out brand logo on the counter body.

Cashier counter

The cashier counter is placed at the front, you can check bills here and introduce products details to the consumer. It has two light counter bodies on two ends, between them is a long display with a brand sign. Which attracts attention and leaves a deep impression on people.

Skincare products model

There are two models on the two corners, it shows your products directly to the clients. Products models become popular in recent years, which also makes your mall kiosk looks vivid and elegant.

Luminous arch decoration

There is a large arch decoration on the back because the location is close to the railing, the decoration with luminous arches can be eye-catching. And guests can see the shop when they take the elevator to the floor. We can also add a brand logo sign here for advertising.


This cosmetic kiosk has flooring with light. You can choose PVC floor, wood floor, tiles etc.

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