Highend Black Cosmetic Kiosk Nail Polish Display Counter

cosmetic kiosk

Nail art and cosmetics are popular among people because everyone pursues beauty and hopes to have a charming appearance. Opening a cosmetic kiosk in the mall is a good business idea. Customers can buy good goods and experience good service; you make money and promote the brand. It’s a win-win.

Nail polish kiosk design

This nail polish kiosk includes a display counter, brand logo stand, service center, and storage cabinets. The nail polish kiosk size is 4m by 3m, the main color is black color with a white light lamp.

Nail polish display counter

Two sides have nail polish display counters, it has inclined display racks are separated on each layer, which can store and display nail polishes of different colors. You can also put a nail polish trial kit next to it, and guests can try it. Under it is a white line with light, which highlights your shop. Behind it is storage cabinets to place more items for sale.

makeup counter

cosmetic boothCorner counter

There are two corner counters to show perfumes, we can see the brand logo on the counter body. The countertop has white square grids with black borders, each grid with lights can make the perfume look better.

L shape service counter

A large L share service counter in the front. It has a large lightbox painting on the surface. The cashier counter place here to check bills. You can also introduce the products to clients. So it can also use as a consultant counter. The brand logo is set in a tall stand facing the door, and the cash register is set at the back. There is installation monitoring under the brand logo

Nail polish kiosk in the mall

cosmetic booth

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