Highend Cosmetic Kiosk Nail Polish Counter for Sale

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The cosmetic kiosk plays a big role in business. Clients receive makeup services here and can also buy items in a fixed location. It can also help you gain good comments from clients. Today, I want to have a high-end cosmetic kiosk, you can also get customized cosmetic kiosks from us.

Introduction of cosmetic kiosk

Cosmetic kiosk size is 2.5m by 2.5m, includes display counter, lipstick stand, and wall shelf and logo stand. We can put up posters and attach the brand logo to the cosmetic kiosk for advertising.

Cosmetic showcase

Cosmetic kioskL shape display counter

We can see in the front, it has an L shape display counter set at the corner. It has a mirror, cosmetic display plate on the top. Clients can select items and even have a try. Two sides of counters have a luminous sign and advertising posters for this. Next to it is a counter with a POS system, consumers can pay cash here.

Lipstick stand

It has an “I” style lipstick stand on the left hand. We can see the countertop is wider than the base support. That can hold more lipsticks and can also make the cosmetic kiosk looks better. I have lock cabinets behind it and the side has a white brand name.

cosmetic booth

Wall cabinets

Wall cabinets are set at the backside. It has multiple open shelves to show the items. On the top has a flowing colorful water drop decoration. At the bottom has a white brand name. Near the display cabinet is a brand logo stands. It also has colorful water drop decorations, matching the wall cabinets.

You can also place a display shelf here to increase the showcase area. This cosmetic kiosk is placed near the elevator, so we can also add an advertising stand here so that clients can see you at the beginning.

Real effect in the shopping mall

cosmetic counter cosmetic kiosk

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