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cosmetic kiosk

A fashion cosmetic kiosk can highlight your products. No matter when you plan to open a cosmetic, choosing a highly match brand image can help you better. Here is a nice perfume kiosk with you.

Introduction of cosmetic kiosk

The cosmetic kiosk is usually installed on the first floor of a shopping mall. We can use it to place perfumes, cosmetics and can also use it as an exhibition booth to express the brand. The size is 4m by 3m, looks very luxurious. The main color is gray, white with red carpet.

cosmetic showcase

makeup counterDisplay counter

This cosmetic kiosk has a unique shape display counter.  We can see there are different levels of counters to show cosmetics. The countertop has white lighting to make the items outstanding.

Reception counter

The reception counter can also use as a cashier counter. It has a large damage style frame on the surface with white lighting. Clients can understand and remember your brand logo well.

cosmetic standBrand logo wall

There is a large brand logo wall in the middle. The main color is metallic gray, and in the middle are white luminous wings decorated with the brand logo. We use mirror stainless steel to create the sign wall, which increases the high-level sense of the store.

Ceiling and flooring

The brand logo wall connects the top ceiling, we can hang the spotlight. The brand signs attach here for advertising.

Flooring is in gray color with a stainless steel edge, matching the cosmetic kiosk decoration. We hide wires under the floor to meet the requirements of the mall.

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