Elegant style skin care product display showcase cosmetic kiosk

Skin care products are inseparable from the beauty of girls in daily life. Every morning and evening adhere to the use of skin care products for girls. The skin is always full of luster and moisture, to mature age, skin state will always be younger than their peers.

So if you want to make a skin care kiosk in the shopping mall, we can make a new one for you. Here let us see a cosmetic and skin care kiosk design together.



This skin care kiosk is an elegant design with purple color. It has a mirror station then the customer can try the products here. And the display cabinet for the skin care products. Some lighted boxes for decoration.

On the middle of the front has a small display stand that can display the hot sale product. The customer can see them clearly. Beautiful design! Do you like this style of skin care kiosk?



For a customized skin care kiosk design will charge a 300 USD design deposit. Our design team can make a new skin care kiosk design with the size and your logo. Please send us the size of your location and the brand logo. We will send the 3d customize cosmetic kiosk design to you in 3-5 working days.



Confirm the design – After we confirm the final 3d design of the skin care kiosk. We will make and send the construction drawing for you to confirm all the details.

Wooden cutting ( MDF ) – base coat – finish surface ( baking paint ) – assemble ( lights / wires and sockets etc.)

Then we will pack the skin care kiosk and arrange the shipping for you.

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