Cosmetics are very common in our lives. There are many types of cosmetics, and customers choose cosmetics according to their preferences and needs.  If you start your business, you also need a thing to  sell the cosmetic. The cosmetic kiosk is a good choice to start your business. Becuase the cost will be smaller  than a shop.

Your first step is to find a space in the mall. After you get the size from the mall, and need to get a suiatble kiosk which can be put in the mall.

Details about the Kiosk

The cosmetic kiosk is similar to the perfume kiosk. The customer want to make their brand become upscale. So they pay more attention to the kiosk apperance and can leave the goods impression on the customer.

The kiosk does not have enough glass showcase. And display the cosmetic on the countertop.


The surface of the kiosk has the white strip to make the kiosk unique. The white part is surrounded by a gray border. Inside of the gray frame install the light strip. Combine these craft to make the kiosk more high-end. There is a small display stand on the middle of each side, besides one side which is a high stand with a logo. Three small display stands also have a logo on the front of it.

Floor: As for the floor, it is gray color. If you want to get other color, we also can do it for you.


The main material of the kiosk  is MDF, so the surface treating is baking paint. The logo material also can be choosen, you can choose the acrylic and the stainless steel as the main material. You can choose one that you interetsed in.

As for the style of the kiosk, we are custom manufacturer, and can customize the kiosk according to your requirements like the size, color, style, layout and etc.



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