New Invention Cosmetic Kiosk Booth Make Up Counter with Ceiling

The cosmetic kiosk is good to show cosmetic kiosks in the shopping center. It can show all kinds of makeup in a good way. And can also promote your cosmetic brand and shop. Today, I want to share a nice cosmetic kisok with you. We can even customize the cosmetic kiosk according to your needs.

Cosmetic kiosk design

This cosmetic kiosk includes a display counter, brand sign, and decoration ceiling. As you plan to choose this kind of cosmetic kiosk, the size of 2m by 0.8m is good to start your business.

Display counter

The display counter is a long counter with lipsticks, eye shadow, and eyebrow pencils. You can set bar chairs and mirrors here so that clients can sit down and enjoy makeup service. They can even try and select suitable cosmetics.

Two ends also have a display table with a set of makeups. Behind it is a mirror with light surrounding it, you can use it as the main showcase area. While bottom has multiple layers to show lipsticks. Nail polish can also show this area.

Top ceiling

A decoration roof is very important for a makeup counter. The brand sign can also attach here to leave a deep impression on people.

The top ceiling has large frame support, however, the support is decorated with lightbox posters.

Materials show

Main material: MDF

Surface material: Baking paint

Other materials: Light lamp, mirror, tempered glass, metal frame, acrylic, stainless steel, etc.

Color reference

The cosmetic kiosk uses black as the main color decoration. It has a shiny effect, which creates a high-end effect and makes the products outstanding. You can also make it to other colors that match your shop theme

Installation in the shopping mall

cosmetic counter cosmetic booth

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