White color jewelry store showcase ship to Canada

Hello friends, are you planing to open a jewelry store? Do you need a unique jewelry store showcase for your store?

It’s the right time to start a jewelry store. So the next step is to have your own store design and purchasing jewelry store showcase. A good design can not only make your products stand out, but also win more customers. Because people like beautiful things and want to be different. Today, there is a white jewelry store showcase to share with you.

jewelry store showcase

We can see in the design, we can see there is a gold logo in the back wall, under the logo are 4 wall display stands with light and there is a large TV cream and cabinet between them. In the center are many display cabinet with different shapes. When people purchased their favorite jewelries, they can pay cash directly, the cash register is closed to the display kiosk in the corner. We can see there is a white 3-layer stand, it can used for display attractive jewelries, so that customers can see directly from the sales window. All the display showcase has a brand logo, and there is a long tale with 3 seats, customers can seat here and have a rest. Do you like this store design?

Detailed images:

We can see there is a lot of light in the store, because the light can makes the jewelry more bright and beautiful. So every display showcase should with light white light strip. And the warm light in the wall is for decoration. We can use green plants to make the store more lively.

How to get the store design?

First, we should have a clear mind of the store decoration. Secondly, we need to find a manufacture who can do both special design and production. Third, let the designer know all the requirements, including size, style, layout, color, materials, etc. It’s better to show the layout of the store. So that they can make your store design more accurately. The most important thing is that we need to check the design carefully. Because the design is according to the design, so we need to make sure that it’s the right store design.

If you have more store ideas, please feel free to contact us. Our company can meet your demands, as we have 10 years’ experience in making customized store furniture. Thank you for reading.

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