High end design jewelry display cabinet for jewelry store

Hello everyone, welcome to visit our website. Nowadays, more and more people buy jewelry to let them more charming. Are you looking for jewelry display cabinet for store design? Do you need a high end jewelry store decoration? Are you looking for someone to design and production jewelry kiosks according to your own requirements? Today I want to share a high end jewelry display cabinet with you. Let’s view more details together.

Firstly, we can see that golden is the basic color of the store, it’ golden wall with golden display showcase. And even with warm yellow light for decoration. Like the left side, there is many bracelets in the display showcase. And customers can purchase freely from the clear glass showcase. On the back wall are many models that wear necklaces, so when people come in, they can view the styles clearly. Besides, there is a big logo on its top on the wood bar. And there are two light boxes for advertise. So when you have some new products, please replace the posters.

Let’s view more designs

The back wall is 3D illuminate logo. The logo in white color and the back wall is golden with warm yellow light strip. So the whole store has a feeling of warm and comfort. When we go on into the right side, we can see there are full of light box in the wall and the same display showcase like the left wall. It embodies a symmetrical beauty and makes the entire store cleaner and more beautiful. Do you like this store decoration?

When you need such a customized store kiosk design, please choose Unique. We can design and production according to your own idea. Our company is good at design and production customized jewelry store furniture. Because we have 10 years’ experience in commercial furniture. Our main market is in America, Australia, Canada, France, the UK and so on. We are sure that you can get the right kiosk from us.

If you have any interest, please contact us here. We are online and ready to answer your question. Thank you for reading.

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