White and Pink Color Clothes Store Furniture Display Rack for Sale

clothing kiosk

A clothes store is a good place to sell T-shirts, suits, and clothes. The clothes store decoration is also very important to attracts clients and highlight your products. Here is a small business decoration sharing with you.

Pink color clothes store furniture

This clothes store is pink and white color matches the brand signage design. Size is 4m by 2m locations. We make full use of the space to show clothes for sale. The basic material is MDF, and the surface material is baking paint. Other material includes acrylic, stainless steel, metal display racks, and tempered gasses.

clothing shop

clothing rackSales window display

There is an individual room on both sides of the front, people can view the beautiful clothes when they pass by. In fact, you can add a glass window showcase on 4 corners. Therefore, people can see you from different directions.

Clothes display rack

Clothes display rack hangs on the back wall and sidewalls, hot sale products, and new arrival items can place here. You can also use the clothes rack to help organize and sort. The clothes of the same color series and styles are put together for easy search and selection.

clothing shopCashier counter

The cashier counter also uses as a reception counter, it is set in the middle entrance. Customers can enter and exit the clothing store on both sides of the counter.

Brand & Lighting

The brand sign is attached to the top ceiling on 4 sides, the surface of the cashier counter also attaches the brand sign to make people remember you. Lighting is also very important in the clothes store, we can use the spotlight, ceiling light, and even warm light to create a wonderful atmosphere. Which also makes the clothes looks better.

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