A new virus attacked China at the beginning of 2020. It soon becomes a global epidemic that strikes the whole planet. Every country and area has closed to prevent the virus from further spread. The consequence of this war is deeply permeated into every industry. However, Life is going on, everyone still needs to feed and still needs to back to work. We have to face a much more difficult economical situation. So, With such a bad business environment, What’s the best business after the coronavirus epidemic?

What’s the most profitable business after the coronavirus?

An old word says the wealth is always hidden in the danger. With the creasy coronavirus invading our planet, the best way to keep it away is to wear a mask. Mask soon becomes a world popular commodity. And it’s price soon grow from 0.1 $ to 17 $ or more. Even you have the money you may not able to buy a mask?  The most important issue is in the coming months or years, everyone will need a mask. and a mask every day. Mask will become a daily necessary consuming product. No matter you go to school or go to work. Whether you are a driver or a teacher. As long as you meet people, you will have to wear a mask to protect yourself. Therefore,  Mask consuming will have a huge demand in the next months.  Open a mask retail kiosk or retail cart will be as smart ideas to mall kiosk business.

Mask Kiosk: New business ideas after the coronavirus.

Today is the 16th of March, We already got more than 10 inquiries on mask retail store fixtures and mask kiosks in the mall ?  here I will share with you a nice mask kiosk design concept.

mask kiosk

This is mask shaped mall kiosk design ideas with about 12 mask design mannequins to present the products.  The unique design mannequins are designed with 5mm clear acrylic in a head shape.  mask kiosk design

White color and blue health color give a more strong clean air feeling. While the unique kiosk shape will gather more customer eye-contacts.

mask retail mask business mask display manufacturer

Unique Kiosk is a leading mall kiosk designer and store fixtures manufacturer. Whether you opening a retail store looking for display racks, display table or start a mall kiosk for mask retail. You will find the ideal display fixtures here. From design to installation. We have the best work and service for you.

2020 has misfortune a beginning but it definitely will have a happy ending. If you want to make good money after the coronavirus epidemic, Now it’s the time. Contact our team and get the best displays and commercial furniture.

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