How long does it take to produce a customized kiosk?

How long does it take to make a customized kiosk? This is the most frequently asked question for customers other than price.

People want an estimate date to arrange their plan and schedule.

As usually make a kiosk need about 22-25 workdays. But many customers don’t understand, they always ask why need so long  or said need very urgent, give us very little time let us help catch time. In fact, leave little time for production really not a good thing, because production has many steps, every step need take time, and need finish one step by one step, couldn’t all steps same time, and we also need ensure the details and quality, that’s why we need so long for a perfect kiosk production.

Leave enough time is good, this way we can take care all details and ensure every step is perfect.

Here I want to explain you in detail the production progress, then you will understand why it needs so long:

1. prepare materials: 2-3 days

To make a customized kiosk, frist thing is the basic material, then is the surface finish. These materials will need order as your drawing, so this progress as usually need 2-3 days.

2.cut materials: 1 day

when worker get the materials and drawing, they need to check the drawing very carefully, then they need use machine to cut the materials into panels and shape as drawing.

3. make the wood body: 7-9 days

after materials be cutted, they will use tools to join and connect these panels together, this progress is making the wood body.

A kiosk surface finish mainly includes laminate and paint two kinds.

If the kiosk is paint finish, then need to finsih wood body firstly, then can do paint, make the body will need 7-9 days.

If the kiosk is laminate finish, then when making the kiosk body, workers will fix laminate at the same time. This means two steps are doing together, so will be lower than just do wood body, will need about 10-12 days.

4. do surface paint finish:5-6 days

Because do paint need very smooth surface, so before paint we will need to polish the surface 2 times, this progress need 1-2 day, then we will do base paint 2 times this will need 2 days, and then will send to surface paint workshop do surface paint, will need 2 days.

5. Assemble:3-5 days

After surface work finished, the kiosk will sent to assemble workshop do assemble. we will go wires, sockets, do electricity, fix logos, lights, glasses, signs and all accessories. This progess will need 3-5 days according to kiosk design and size.

6.packing: 1-2 days

After assemble finish, then we will take many photos and vedios for you see the kiosks effect and details. Then we will pack the kiosk. This progress need 1-2 days.

So you can see the kiosk production need do step by step, it has many steps, so that’s why the progress really need so long.

If you ready do a customized kiosk, let’s leave enough time for production and shipping, this way we needn’t be very urgent finally! Hope this page can help you!


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