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Are you looking for ceramic display cabinet to start the business? With the rapid development of pottery in the world, there are pottery classes from elementary schools to universities. And many families have built pottery workshops, and some privately-owned pottery studios have appeared. Many leisure places are also decorated with pottery works. Which can not only develop ceramic art well, but also increase the communication methods with ceramic artists.

Therefore, it’s a very good idea to open a ceramic store and earn money. Today, I want to introduce a unique ceramic display cabinet with you and hope it can give you more ideas to decoration your own shop.

3D design show

From the design drawing, we can view the shape is very unique, which likes a “+” with curved counters to showcase more products. And there are places to showcase paints related to ceramic art. There are 2-layer- stair display counter to place more ceramics and customers can view their favorite ceramic carefully. We can also put the brand logo in front of the counter and on the top ceiling to high light our shop. Do you like this layout?

Ceramic display cabinet

How to get this unique kiosk?

  1. Tell us your own ideas about the ceramic display cabinet. The design idea include the size, color, layout, material, etc.
  2. Draw a 3D design follow on the design idea. The new 3D design can better show us all around.
  3. Check and modify the design. We should check the design drawing carefully. Whenever you think is not good enough, our designer will modify soon.
  4. Confirm the design drawing and production. When the design confirmed, we have to production the kiosk follow on the confirmed design drawing. In this case, you can receive the right kiosk you need.

If you have any needs, please let us know. We are here and ready to help. Thank you

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