Warm style outdoor coffee booth solid wood food kiosk design

For the food business, recently many people to start the outdoor food booth also. Because when people pass by and they feel thirsty or hungry, they can buy food. In order to start an outdoor food business, you need to learn something in advance.

This is a warm style outdoor coffee booth solid wood food kiosk design. It is suitable to open in the park, parking lot, and so on. You can check the design for reference.



This is a beautiful outdoor coffee booth with the solid wood strip design. On the top has a brand logo, this logo we need to make it big size and clear to the people. So that they can see your brand name and find you easily. It is a glass window on the front then people can order the food there.

Inside the outdoor coffee kiosk has the work counter, water sink and equipment machine. The staff works inside to make food. If you need, we can install the air conditioner inside because the outdoor area is too hot.


We will use metal to make the basic body of this outdoor food kiosk. Because in outdoor it needs to resist sunshine, rain, and high wind. We need to use strong materials for the outdoor food kiosk. Our outdoor kiosk can use for 10-15 years not a problem.

For the surface finish, we will use solid wood, aluminum plastic panel, laminate and tempered glass. If you have a logo, please send it to us, we will add it on the design. The lights, the lock, the wires and sockets we will install in our factory. You just need to connect to your local power supply then it will work.

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