Fashion style outdoor coffee kiosk metal food stall in outdoor

Starting a food business is easy than other kinds of business. You just need to learn how to make the food and buy the equipment machines. Meanwhile, you need to rent a place.

You can start your own business in the shopping mall or outdoor both are okay. But if you want to start in outdoor, you can check this design for reference. This is a fashion style outdoor coffee kiosk metal food stall in outdoor. Let us check it together.



This is an outdoor coffee kiosk with two rolling doors and an entrance door. When you open two rolling doors, there are two food counters that for the staff to make the coffee here. Under the countertop, you can put the under-countertop fridge if you need.

The back side is the water sink and the stainless steel counter, you can put the coffee machine. On the wall has the wooden display shelf that can put the cups and coffee beans.


For the material of an outdoor kiosk, we will use strong and durable material. The basic material is a metal frame and then we will put the plywood. For the surface finish of an outdoor kiosk, we can use aluminum-plastic panels, solid wood and laminate. On the top has the 3D lighted logo, and spotlight and led strip light.

Inside the outdoor kiosk, we will install the ceiling, flooring, and all the electricity. When you receive this outdoor kiosk, you can connect it to your local power supply then it will work.


Our design team can make a customized 3d design for the outdoor kiosk. We will make a new 3d model to fit your business. You can check the design on our website to choose your favorite. But making a new 3D design is the first step we need to do.

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