Warm Pink Cake Show Store Food Display Stand Design

Cake is an ancient pastry and also a kind of pasta. It is usually sweet and soft. The typical cake is made by baking. And there are many kinds of cakes. Now cakes have gradually become one of the first choices for healthy and convenient foods. Because of its convenience, fastness, good taste and sufficient nutrition.

Which cake do you like best? And do you intend to open a cake store? Here is I want to share a warm pink cake show store with you.

The Real Images Of Warm Pink Cake Show Storecake display

The main color of cake show store is pink and green. This makes all cake show store look very warm and sweet. The cake show store has a counter for work, a display counter for cakes and a checkout counter. And their countertops are all artificial marble. As we can see there is a sink, a sealing machine and some beverage machines on the work counter. And above the work counter, there are two wooden wall shelves with green background boards. We can put some cups and other items on them. Also there is a pink shelf for potted plants on the top of wall shelves. It decorates the cake show store.

cake shopcake store

Otherwise, the display counter is special. In addition to displaying cakes directly on the countertop. It also has two different glass display stands for cakes. They display kinds of cakes. And one of the glass display stand has a golden door frame decoration. It looks quite unique and beautiful. Behind the checkout counter is an image wall with a green background. The cake show store has a flower wall. Especially the flower wall is matched with the green background. It beautifies the store and makes people feel very comfortable. Isn’t it? Also the store provides customers with tables and chairs. We can sit and chat with friends here. Do you like this style cake show store?

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