High-end and luxury bakery shop counter cake kiosk design

The business of a bakery not only depends on the attraction of the foods, and the promotion of the store but more importantly, the location of the bakery and the decoration design of the store. So how should the bakery shop design?

This is a high-end luxury bakery shop counter cake kiosk design. You can check this design for reference if you want to open a luxury bakery shop. Let us have a look at the shop details.



In the layout of the decoration space, a bakery is divided into a cash register, exhibition area and baking area. Each area occupies a position as wide as possible, making the whole effect feel spacious and neat.

There is no design of the rest area because many customers are shopping, and leisure. Or have time to buy bread for breakfast. They also need to rest or sit down to eat bread, so small bakeries in the design to establish a rest area, in the layout of humanization, can attract more consumers.

For the color theme of this bakery shop is gold stainless steel, wooden color. This color theme makes this bakery shop look very high-end and luxury. We can make any color theme you like.

The counter design of this bakery shop is wooden laminate and 3d gold color stainless steel lighted logo. It has a glass display showcase for you to display the cake, cupcake, bread or other foods. On the back wall has the glass display cabinet to display the foods also. They have a glass door and removable display shelves.

Please kindly contact us to make a unique bakery shop design. We can make it according to your requirement and fit your business. This is the first step and the most important.

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