vintage style mobile phone display stand phone display counter design

How are you doing all friends? Are you still thinking to do what kind of business? Maybe you can try to sell mobile phones and accessories. When it comes to mobile phones and accessories, many people will say that there are too many people making mobile phones and accessories, the competition is too great. And many people choose to buy from the online shop, the physical store business is becoming more and more difficult. This is not exactly the case.

Every year, many new mobile phone stores are opened. On the one hand, mobile phone stores allow people to experience on-site and experience quality firsthand. And on the other hand, mobile phone stores also do some related business, do card processing, recharge phone calls, mobile phone accessories, and mobile phone repair. Many phone shops will put mobile phone display stand and table. People can select the goods.

Mobile phone accessories shop design:

When I saw this phone store, this mobile phone accessories shop let me feel really so special and amazing. This shop is a vintage style, you can see different as many phone stores used very bright color. We can see from the design of this shop used is yellow oak wood match black color and a little yellow and blue color. In the middle of the cell phone accessories store have a mobile phone display stand and phone display counter for different kinds of phone accessories and phones. The wall display also very unique and special. Expect phone accessories display, it also have some shelves putted books.

Cell phone store material description:

The main material of the mobile phone shop we have two kinds of the basic material. One is MDF, another one is plywood. If use MDF, the surface finish we will baking paint for the black color, and for the wooden color, we can use yellow oak wood veneer with varnish to make it. But if we use another basic material plywood, then the surface finish is black color laminate and wood color laminate. These two materials both good material just a little price difference. The veneer will cost a little more than laminate but not a lot of difference. We can quote both to you for your reference.

How to customize a new cell phone store design?

Our company mainly do the customize shop design service. So our professional design team can make a full plan for you with your shop size. Because every customer has their own requirement, like the logo, the size, the design and the layout etc. What we do is make the 3d shop design combine with your idea and our designer idea to it and then make a unique design for you. This is usually the first step we do. Meanwhile, this way can let you see how many display showcase to put inside the shop and what kind of style of shop furniture will suitable for your shop.

If I don’t want to make the customize shop design?

If you don’t want to make the customize shop design, you can order the display showcase directly from our existing shop display furniture design. We can send you some design of the wall display cabinet, phone case display showcase and glass display shelves to you. Also, your shop may need a cashier counter, we can send some cashier counter design for the mobile phone to you. You can choose from them and tell us which one you want, we can quote you the price and size then you can buy them as you like. This is another way to order the mobile phone store display furniture. But usually, we need to make the 3d design of the cell phone shop first.



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