Blue color cell phone shop counter retail store furniture to Israel

Hello friend, glad to know that you are looking for a customized cell phone store furniture to decoration your shop. Here is a unique phone shop counter style may suits for your business. The color, style and size depends on your own store design. We can also add your thoughts to the phone store and show the details in a 3D design. Let’s view more together.

Description about phone shop counter

The basic color of the store is white with blue wall display stand to high light the store and products. When customers enter the store, they can view and purchase phones in the white display counters. And we can place phone cover and phone accessories in the wall display stand, on the bottom are display cabinets for storage more products. On the back side, there are two reception counters. We can provide phone repair services and check out services here. On the top ceiling is the area for posters and advertise. We should also put light box logo and illuminate logo on the counter and also on the middle wall. Do you like this phone store design?

3D design photos show

phone store fixture   More information:

We mainly use MDF to production the phone shop counter. The surface is baking painting to makes the counter more beautiful. If you need to add counters or change the layout of furniture, we should draw a new design first, so that we can arrange every kiosk in the right place. When somewhere isn’t good enough, we can modify better. The production will follow on the design drawing we agreed.

We are looking to discuss more details with you. If you have any needs, please let us know. We are online and ready to help. Thank you

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