Due to the progress of the times, more and more people will smoke e-cigarettes. There are many types of electronic cigarettes, and there are many flavors of electronic cigarettes. This is why e-cigarettes are so popular.

Next, I will introduce the vape kiosk to you, and you can take these as a reference.


The main style of the vape kiosk is luxry and the main color is goldenm color. We all know that the gold color represent the high-end and luxry. The front of the kiosk has two stands which has logo on the front of the stand. The back of the kiosk has the 5 stands which can display your goods in the inside of the glass showcase. The top of the showcase has tempered glasses, which can display your goods clearly. The back of kiosk has a huge wall which has a huge logo. And people will know it clearly, the top of the wall has a cover which can install some light one the cover to make the whole kiosk more bright.

As for the floor, you can find a suitable color and make the whole display stand more high-end and unique.


The basic material is MDF, and the surface we use the baking paint or stainless steel. For the logo, we use the sticker to make it. If you want to get the silk print, we also can do it, but the price will be little expensive than sticker logo. The golden stainless steel as the surface, the effect will be better than the baking paint. You can choose the material based on your needs and your budget.

About the 3d Design

3D design is our first step during the whole project. Because of the 3d design will display all of your needs and will let you know the whole kiosk clearly. After you are satisfied the 3d, we will start to produce according to the 3d design which you are satisfied.




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