This is a retail kiosk use for the shopping mall center. When the customer finds out about our company, he said he wants to make a kiosk to open in the shopping mall. He said he will sell the cigarette, drug. So we customize this cigarette kiosk for him. Let us have a look at the design together.


Cigarette kiosk customize design

The size is 3x3m of this cigarette and drug kiosk. For the size of the kiosk, we can customize it with any size you want. Because when you get a location, you may need to discuss with the shopping mall manager about the size of your location. Different locations different sizes, that is why we need to do a customized design for you.

For the color of the retail cigarette kiosk, we can make it as you like. On this design, it is red color, white color and with the yellow color acrylic lighted strip. These three colors match good and the design looks amazing. Our customer is very satisfied with this cigarette and drug kiosk design.


Retail cigarette kiosk for sale


The material of the cigarette kiosk is MDF with baking paint. ( Red color baking paint, white color baking paint for the inside cabinet doors, yellow color baking paint for the pillar ). For the yellow strip on the design, we will use yellow color acrylic lighted strip, it is good looking.

And on the front of the cashier counter, we make the 3d lighted logo. On the pillar, it has a 3d lighted logo as well with the other side is a 32 inches advertising TV. For all the glass showcases, we use 8mm tempered glass for the cover and display shelves.


Under all the display cabinets, we install the stainless steel toe kick to protect the bottom of the cigarette kiosk. The stainless steel toe kick can resist the water and more strong than wood. The cigarette kiosk has the same lock with a key for all the display cabinets. And on every glass display shelves, we will install the led strip lights. You can choose the color of the lights you want. Inside the cabinet, we will install the sockets for you for the cashier counter. Then you can connect the electricity to your POS machine.

How does the 3d design work?

Before we start the production of the cigarette and drug kiosk, we will confirm all the details with you. It includes the 3d design and construction drawing, the color, and the lights.

So before the production, we need to make a customize 3d design first, it charges 300$ and will return to you when you order a kiosk. We will send the 3d design to you in 2-3 working days then you can check all the details. After you check the 3d design, we can make some changes for you if you want.

For the production process:

After you confirm all the details of the retail cigarette and drug kiosk, we will send the 3d design and construction to the factory. The woodworker prepares the wood material and starts to make the wood body. After the wood body of the cigarette kiosk takes shape, we will start the paint job. We need to make 5 times base coat and 2 times finish coat for the paint job of the cigarette kiosk.

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