Two Popular Cigarette Kiosks with Wood Grain in Papua New Guinea

glass display counterCigarette kiosks’ main uses are to display and sell cigarettes, cigars, e-cigarettes, etc. No matter what size you want, you can get a nice cigarette kiosk for business. Today, I want to share two nice cigarette kiosks with you. It’s made for clients from Papua New Guinea.

Introduction of cigarette kiosk

The owner has a specific design and tells us that he needs it same design but a different shape. As we produce customized kiosks, we can build the kiosk for him. The main material is plywood with laminate, white color with wood brand logo panel decoration. The cigarette kisok has a light lamp on each shelf and has kicking lighting to be attractive.

cigarette kioskFirst kiosk design

The first kiosk size is 2.6m by 2.6m. It has multiple glass shelving and high-level display showcases. We can see in the design, there are glass counters with 4 layers to place cigarettes. While the 4 corners have 3 individual counters to place more items. The brand stand’s total height is 2.4m, you can put up posters and add TV screens

The cashier counter is set at the fourth corner counter. The main box and host are set under the counter table with a POS system to check bills.

Produce photos show

cigarette kiosk design cigarette booth


cigarette boothAnother cigarette kiosk introduction

As we can see in the design, the second cigarette kiosk size is 4.3m by 2.1m. It’s larger than the first cigarette kiosk. Besides, the design is different from the first kiosk. It has wood bar decorations at 4 corner counters, which increases the shop theme and attracts people’s attention.

Cashier counter please near the entrance, so you can see and guide clients to buy items. A brand logo is set on the opposite side, which informs people of your cigarette shop to improve sales.

Produce photos show

glass showcase wood grain display

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